Alpaca Socks Compression sport (LC)


This alpaca sport compression sock is the bomb! Knee high with 15 to 20 mmHg of graduated compression from your foot to your knees.  These were designed for runners but have a wide variety of uses.

  • long airplane flights
  • nurses, physicians, restaurant workers, cashiers and anyone else who works on their feet for extended periods of time
  • sports enthusiasts from runners to skiers – I am recommending these to skiers as they usually like a thinner sock in their boot, and these fit the bill
  • anyone needing a boost to the circulation in their legs. 
  • skiers athletes besides runners

The various stitching designs of this sock work to reduce occurrence of shin splints and lactic acid build-up in the muscles by assisting circulation, especially in the front of the leg and the calf, and increases your recovery time, thus reducing leg fatigue.  The engineered sole supports your Achilles tendon and addes comfort to the ball and heel of your foot.  One of the best features of this sock, IMO, is the conforming band that encircles the arch of your foot, providing excellent arch support – all day long.  Skiers like the thinness of the sock in their ski boots.  The reinforced heel and toe provide superior strength for wearabilty.  I have been giving mine a workout in the operating room running up and down the halls for 10 to 12 hours a day and still have no signs of wear in the heel or toe. And they are made from alpaca, so they keep your feet warm and dry. I have had skieres who wear these socks come back and tell me that it was the first time in the lives their toes were warm all day while skiing.  LOVE THESE SOCKS!  You will, too.  Get some today!

Unisex sizing (see size option for details)
Alpaca blend- 42% alpaca, 28% microfiber, 20% nylon, 10% spaldex
Machine washable and dryable, but we always recommend air drying to increase longevity of socks.


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