Poncho Open Kuna


I am calling this Kuna piece an open poncho but it is too unique to classify.  It drapes around your body like a Mexican serapes but has small approximately 6-inch side seams to help keep it in place with attractive short fringe along the bottom.  This is a 2-tone double knit piece, beige melange on one side and light cream color on the other.  The light cream side has subtle decorative stitching, and if you take the Kuna label off, this is a reversible piece.  Smooth nonseamed knit edges.  Extremely cozy in 100% baby alpaca, this is another item that could easily make it into my closet!   

Care:  Dry clean or hand wash and lay flat to dry
Size:  One size, 1 available

Regular price:  $268.00
Sale price:  $160.00


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