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Our yarns are natural fiber yarns.  You can find alpaca and alpaca blends, merino, silk, cotton, bamboo, brushed suri alpaca (mohair alternative – does not itch). at Everything Alpaca and patterns to inspire you.  We have a nice selection of roving for spinning and fiber arts from commercial mills and from our own partner alpaca ranches.  Notions, needles and other support products are available at Everything Alpaca. 

Because the volume and types of yarn change so rapidly, it is difficult to keep the webpage updated accurately.  Below is a list of yarn companies we order from and specific yarn lines from these companies that we have in stock, but we can get other of their offerings by special order.  Click on the company name to get to their website home page, or click on the individual yarn lines to see colors available and other information on these specific yarns.  Jot down what you want to buy and use your notes to order yarn from Everything Alpaca on line in the comment at the end of this page.  Following are written instructions, but if you'd like to watch a video explaining now to do your order, click here for our Youtube channel video that demonstrates ordering our yarn.  


  1. In the order section at the bottom of this page, order 1 item for $1.00. Shipping of $5.00 will automatically be entered.
  2. In the comment box, freestyle enter your order. Name of Yarn and company it comes from, color, number of skeins.
  3. Copy that same information and enter it on our Contact Us page form.
  4. Your order will show as $1.00 plus $5.00 shipping. We will then match up your $1.00 order to your Contact Us form with the actual order info and then update your order price on our end when we approve the sale. The shipping charge may change, depending on the quantity of yarn purchased. You will receive an e-mail receipt for the credit card charge when we process the order.

You can order needles under Fiber Arts Accessories. We carry Addi circulars and click sets and Knitter's Pride Dreamz wood line. We do not have our notions listed yet on the website, so if you need notions, list them with your yarn order or a phone order.

We carry yarn/fiber products from the following companies:  
(for more info on these yarns and colors available, click on the yarn company's name to be directed to their home page, or click on each yarn line to go directly to that yarn line's page; when finished viewing, click your browser back button to return to Everything Alpaca.  Otherwise, you may be kicked out of both websites.  

Blue Sky Fibers 
Alpaca/silk  50/50 blend  $16.20/sk.
Baby Alpaca  100% baby alpaca  $13.50/sk
Metalico  alpaca/silk blend  $18/sk
Extra  Merino/alpaca blend  $29.90/sk
Suri Merino  Suri alpaca and merino blend; lustrous yarn  $25.00/sk
Brush Suri  fuzzy yarn without the itch; mohair replacement$16.80/sk
Techno  Silk tube surrounding alpaca/merion blend; very light weight, single ply yarn  $24.90/sk
Eco Cashmere  50% virgin cashmere/50% recycled cashmere $33.00/sk

The Alpaca Yarn Company
Classic Alpaca Tweed  100% alpaca yarn with Donegal tweed blend  $8.50/sk
Mariquita  50/50 alpaca/tencel  $20.00/sk
Mariquita hand dyed  $24.00/sk
Halo  solid color, light weight brushed suri/fuzzy yarn replaces mohair  $15.00/sk
Halo Watercolors  same as Halo but hand painted  $12.00/sk
Kindred Spirits (1 Mariquita sk + 2 Halo sk in a braid)  $50.00/braid
Astral  alpaca and tensel  $17.00/sk
Espiral   100% alpaca DK weight, natural colors $20.00/sk,
Espiral hand dyed 100% alpaca DK weight  $22.00/sk
Paca Cinta  alpaca braided yarn  $15.00 (small hanks in store – larger hanks available from company)
Paca Peds  merino/alpaca/nylon blend sock yarn $22.00/sk 
PacaPeds HT same as Paca Peds plus110 yds solid color contrast heel/toe  $26.00/sk
Symmetry 100% alpaca worsted weight  $14.00/sk
Paca Puffs (roving)  100% baby alpaca  $32.00/6 oz
Borealis Blue Roving  100% baby alpaca $12.00/2 oz

Misti Alpaca
Sock Yarn  alpaca 50% mixed with merino and nylon$24.40
Chunky  100% baby alpaca, Chunky yarn $17.60
Chunky Handpaint  100% baby alpaca, Chunky yarn $25.60
Tonos Carnaval (same as sock yarn but tonal colors)  $24.40

Rios  100% superwash mernino, DK-worsted weight $15.40
Arroyo  100% superwash merino, sport-DK weight  $19.20
Sock 100% superwash merino  $19.25
Dos Tierras  50/50 blend of baby alpaca and superwash merino, DK weight  $19.20
SilkPaca  70/30 blend of baby alpaca and silk, lace weight $10.80
Caracol  100% superwash merino encased in a binder thread, super bulky  $24.00
Nube (roving)  100% merino  $15.50

Huasco Chunky-discontinued – we still have some in stock  $18.00
Huasco Aran  $22.00
Huasco hand paint  fingering weight  $20.00
Huasco Sock  sock/fingering weight $22.00
Lujoso  thick and thin spun worsted weight  $25.00
Mana Hand Painted  100% silk, worsted weight  $30.00
Alumco  cotton/viscose DK weight, delicate self stripe  $15.00

Nuna  silk, merino, viscose blend, sport weight$14.00
Khusku  merino/bamboo/nylon blend, sock/fingering weight  $23.00 
Sisa  60/40 merino/baby alpaca, chainette chunky $14.00
Umina  blend of merino and royal grade alpaca, worsted weight $25.00
Ushya  bulky weight merino/alpaca blend $22.00
Sulka Legato 60/20/20 merino/alpaca/silk, fingering weight $13.00
Kancha  cotton/wool blend DK weight  $20.00
Pima Kuri  100% pima cotton, DK weight  $12.00

America's Alpaca – American Fiber Cooperative of North America (AFCNA) no website available  

Appalachian Baby 
Chunky – all their yarns are on this page.  $11.25
Fingering  $6.75
Sport  $13.50/194 yds  
Kits – go to the top of Appalachian Baby page to select kits  

Oh! 100% baby alpaca, chunky weight chainette $25.00
Alpaca Lace Light  100% baby alpaca fine lace weight $25.00

Alexandra's Crafts
Sun River  $38.00
Dark Side of the Moon  $38.00
Agate Beach  $32.00
Black Butte  $38.00/sk  $88/cake
Small Fry Collection  $90.00
3 Sisters-Double Knit – sock blanks  $36.00

ArtYarn– We carry Merino Cloud and Beaded Sequined Silk Light but can get any of the Art Yarn yarns.  
Merino Cloud  80/20 merino/cashmere blend, fingering weight $34.00
Beaded Sequined Silk Light  100% silk, prebeaded and sequined, sport weight $64.00
Art Yarn Color Chart – you can ask for a specific yarn type in any of the available colors and we can check on availability from Art Yarns.  They may have it in stock or will hand dye it by order.  
Kits – right now, we have the puffy cable cowl kit in select colors, but we can order any of these kits at any time.  There is a large selection of gorgeous kits to support their yarns.

Universal Yarn
Bamboo Pop Sock – self striping, wool-free sock yarn  55% bamboo/37% cotton/8% PBT (stretchy synthetic, like nylon)  $9.00
Dona DK weight 100% superwash merino, solid colors  $8.75
Donnina  sport weight 100% superwash merino, solid colors  $8.50
Papyrus  cotton/silk blend  $10.30
Whisper Lace  lace weight merino and silk 70/30 blend  $10.00

Lana Gatto 
Pailettes  string with tiny sequins to run with another yarn; adds a little elegant sparkle  $6.00

Fiber Lady
Midori Handpaint 100% bamboo  
Midori Semisolid  100% bamboo
Makimo Ice 90% bamboo 10% metallic

We are the area's stockist for Schacht Spindle Company and carry their small looms, Cricket Looms and spinning wheels.  

We have local Colorado ranch yarns, roving and batts (we have a separate page for the local yarns-check it out!)

We LOVE yarn and the fiber arts and teach classes in knitting, (classic and hand loom), crochet, spinning, weaving and felting

Come on in and check out our wonderful assortment of yarns.  Yarn is Deb's obsession, and she, like most of you, just can't have enough yarn – glorious, gorgeous, yummy yarn. 

Or call to see if we have or can get what you desire in yarn as we have access to many yarns we do not have in stock.  303-660-6684.


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