Poncho, alpaca blend, square shape, woven fabric with cowl collar


Alpaca blend woven fabric, square shaped poncho with open sides and cowl neck will add a graceful elegance to your look.  The woven alpaca blend fabric has a bouce, stretch and sheen with beautiful drape.  The collar is a knitted design that will add comfort and warmth to your neck. A stunning fashion statement wherever you wear it.  Comes in 3 colors 

  • poncho in teal color woven fabric with contrasting teal cowl neck
  • poncho in black/white woven fabric with solid black cowl neck
  • poncho in purple woven fabric with contrasting purple cowl neck

Price:  $130.00
Material:  50% alpaca 50% acrylic
Size:  one size 

Care:  dry clean or hand wash with natural fiber soap (we recommend Eucalan as there is no need to rinse it out).  Lay flat to dry.  Tip:  After soaking/washing, place around the outer edge of washing machine basket and spin out excess water (no water added or agitation).  Gently remove and lay flat to dry.  Like wool and other natural fibers, protect from cloth moths by storing in a tightly secure sweater box, zipper plastic bag or other garment protector.  Moth balls, lavender and other natural scents that repel moths help protect clothing from these destructive insects.  

Weight 28 lbs


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