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I honestly thought this was a very fine alpaca sweater when I felt it the first time, and it is labeled as the Adela Alpaca Sweater, but the content label says it is 83.4% Peruvian Pima Cotton and 16.6% polyamide.  I don’t know which label is correct, but the hand on this sweater screams elegance in the style of a fine alpaca sweater.  It is a beautiful melange gold-tone classic V-neck with drop sleeves, super light weight, super soft, stretchy and wonderfully cozy.  It is hard for me to believe there isn’t either baby alpaca or royal grade alpaca in this sweater.  Simply stated fashion elegance at its best.

Care:  The label says you can machine wash on delicate cycle, lay flat to dry, but I would dry clean or hand wash this item because of the uncertainty of the fiber content – just in case there really is some alpaca in it.
Size:  medium, 1 available

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