Teddy Bears


Super fluffy huacaya alpaca fur Teddy Bears. There are 2 types of alpaca, huacaya and suri.  Suris have long, silky dreadlock fiber that hands from the alpaca’s body.  Huacaya have crimped fiber that stands up all around the alpaca’s body.  Most alpacas are huacaya as suris are much more rare.  The huacaya teddy bears are very fluffy.  Medium bears are 7 to 8 inches tall, and large bears are 10 to 12 inches tall.  A customer favorite, adults and children enjoy them alike.  Come in a variety of colors:  white, light fawn, medium fawn, brown, very dark or black (not always available) and gray (not always available).  We will try to meet your request for color, but.if there will be a delay in getting that color, we will call you for instructions, i.e. wait for choice or choose another color.

Small 5″ $15.00
Medium 7-8″  $35.00
Large 10-12″  $45.00

The large bears may cost more than $5.00 to ship.  We will tack on the extra after you place your order.  If it is more than $10, we will call you.

Care:  See our page on How To Care For Your Alpaca Product for specifics on care of fur toys.


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